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released August 31, 2013

Vocals: Steven Kost
Guitars/Vocals/Bass: Aaron Franks
Drums/Vocals: Lincoln Byass
Bass: Patrick "MOULDY" Mould

Recorded at Drum Power & Salt Studios bu Jacob Munnery
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Munnery at Clockwork Audio Mastering

Artwork by Myles Paten

Thanks again to everyone who has put us on shows, gave us a place to sleep, helped us out in any other way or just come down to a gig (or paid money for this)



all rights reserved


Break The Wall Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Cursed
Weaving in and out of trees of discomfort,
I’ll be fine as i’ve become the master of disguise.
Unsure of what the future holds,
I seek comfort in these notes.
From the outside looking in,
It’s all laughter without sin.
Realistically I’m hiding all of that heart felt trauma.

I’m stuck at the middle of the cross roads,
I’m now on my own all alone,
With no guidance to be shown.

They have a spell on me,
One in which I cannot flee.

Don’t stop running,
I’m not going to stop running.
Track Name: Lines at the Bank
In a world where the heart beats true,
I’ll bleed mine all the way through,
With or without you.
I will stand by side with the ones that won’t be left dying.
Through the day we’ll get
Without an ounce of regret.

I know this is real.

I can feel it in my heart.
I’ll win this race.
I’m not going to be the one left stranded at the base.
I can feel it in my heart,
I’ll win this race,
You won’t see me repeating the same old mistake.

I wont be oppressed by you,
I wont let you tell me what to do.
You wont push me down,
You wont make a sound,
Through this day we’ll get without any fucking doubt.
Track Name: Aaron California
Diving into a sea where the depth lays unknown,
Will we scrape the floor?
Man, fuck, I don’t know.
Every day I found myself in the same town,
So sick of the same routine I feel like I’m falling down.

Fuck you.

The bigs have torn away our dignity.
The bigs have torn away our reality.

Every time I look around I see this ill place,
A place full of lies and a place full of cries.
Trust me when I say I wont be coming back here,
Far away I’ll be living conscious and without fear.
Without any fear.
Track Name: Oedipus
Turning pages, new faces.
The dark light never seemed so near,
Running away with a grin on my face I have no fear.
This isn’t a passing trend,
This is for me and my friends,
So let me be.
Let me, drift into sea.

Sometimes to move on you have to let go.
Each time I fall down I rise up with my hope.
I feel sorry for those who’ll never experience this.
They’re the same individuals filled with ignorance and bliss.

This is what I’ve been waiting for,
This is what I’ve been searching for.

This isn’t a passing trend,
This is for me and my friends,
So let me be.
Let me, drift into sea.
Track Name: GB
Give me inspiration.
I want to feel motivated.
Give me determination.
All I feel is frustration.

I get by the days,
With this on my mind.
I try and try,
Waiting for me to get by

I get by the days,
With this on my mind.
I try and try,
Waiting for me to get a reply.

Recently, Ive discovered what is real,
And this is exactly how I feel.
I’d like to think now that I’m a different person.
I think I’ve found my inspiration.
My inspiration